Life after Heaven by Steven R. Musick

Steven Musick is well-named because he translates the music of heaven into music on earth by helping others. Whether you believe his incredible story of experiencing the beauty of heaven or not, there is no doubt that it profoundly changed his life and it inspired him to do much good.  He tells this story in the hope that he can assist others to improve their lives and be more giving.

After a fairly traumatic but Anglican childhood, Musick was happily married and on his way to great success. He was going to train to be an officer in the U.S. navy and a SEAL. However, after receiving a swine flu vaccination from a bad batch and suffering an allergic reaction to the chemical that was supposed to cure him, he went into a coma for five weeks! During the coma, he writes that he went to heaven and he didn't want to come back.

After this, he continued to be very ill and this ruined his naval career.  He had a difficult time picking himself up again, but he became a successful financial adviser. He also found a church that he enjoyed and he eventually even became miraculously cured. He also concentrated on helping others and trying to experience some of the power of  heaven on earth, and he was eventually inspired to tell his story.

This is a memorable book. Although it is simply written, Musick's advice to readers is quite profound and needs to be though through.

I received this free ebook from in return for an honest review.


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