A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility Jane of Austin by Hilary Manton Lodge

Jane and her two sisters Celia and Margaret have huge problems. Their father has skipped the country because of possible fraudulence and they are forced to close their beloved tea salon because they can't afford to pay the new landlord.  Their only hope is to take refuge with their cousins in Austin, Texas, a long way from beautiful San Francisco. Celia also still misses Teddy, her ex- boyfriend.

When Jane arrives in Austin to stay with her warm-hearted cousins,  she meets Callum, an war veteran who has lost his leg, and Sean, a handsome blond singer. Of course, she falls for Sean very quickly, but is he really what he seems...?
There is also the problem of finding a new property for their tea business.

This is a clever,  original and well-written modern American version of Sense and Sensibility written from the points of view of Jane and Callum, with tea quotes at the beginning of each chapter, recipes of Southern food and atmospheric descriptions of Texas.  Jane and Callum are both lovely characters, although Callum is understandably fairly bitter at the beginning of the book because of his war experience and his problems with some of his family.  The love stories are moving and it was interesting to read a version of Jane Austen's classic which is set in America. The only flaw is that there were a lot of characters and I found this confusing.

This book is also a tea-drinker's delight! As an aside, I liked the fact that Jane never drank coffee - very unusual for an American, I should think!

I received this free ebook from Blogging for Books in return for an honest review.


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