Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan

When Kate becomes the lead counsel for a case against a Big Pharm company MPC which has
allegedly been making migraine drugs causing brain tumours, she becomes involved in very dangerous situations and several mysteries. Who has killed the scientist who was going to be a witness in her case? Why are leading documents in the case going missing? When she starts getting physically attacked, she is forced to get security and finds herself attracted to Landon, who has his own security firm.  But Kate is so busy, her budding romance almost seems like another problem, especially when Landon isn’t a Christian like her…

Ethan, MPC’s leading defence lawyer, is a friend of Kate’s but is he willing to let ambition make him cross the line into unethical behaviour? At the very least, he wants to take advantage of her idealism and he knows that she does everything by the book.  He is put under great pressure by MPC.
This is an exciting story which keeps one reading as Kate attempts to get to the truth of the case and keep one step ahead of Ethan and MPC.  I also enjoyed the romance. However, the story sometimes got rather technical for a lay reader, I felt, and it also seemed contrived at times.  I also thought that the ending was far-fetched until I read an article in The Australian which made me think again! Who knows what is going on behind the scenes these days?

I enjoyed this legal thriller and I am interested in reading more by Rachel Dylan.

I received this free ebook through the Bethany House Blogging Program in return for an honest review. 



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