A Song in the Daylight by Paullina Simons

Larissa Stark has a lovely husband and three very good children, but she is busy, tired, and feels that her husband takes her for granted at times, and she is also suffering from a mid-life crisis. She is forty, but looks about twenty. When her husband buys her a Jag for her birthday, she finds herself attracted to the young and surprisingly mature salesman. They start meeting for lunch, but, of course, that's not enough, and Larissa soon finds herself having a torrid affair. It really is torrid - there are pages of it!

This leads to her neglecting her husband and children and her best friend in the Philippines, who is having a terrible time, and another friend who needs a kidney transplant. Larissa soon finds out what 'a terrible web we weave...'At one stage, she sneaks out to meet Kai for dinner in NY only to run into a friend in NY. Fearful of discovery, she pretends that she hardly knows Kai, who is very upset, and catches the train back to Summit with her friend.

Larissa eventually has to make a choice, and learn that there is a price to pay for doing exactly what one likes.

I almost gave this book up because it was a bit anti-Catholic at the beginning (the author makes up for this), but I persevered, and although it could have been just another steamy airport novel, it actually raises big questions about the meaning of life, the selfishness of modern life, the difference between true love and infatuation and the significance of marriage. Also, I like Paullina Simons's writing and her many literary references. I have also enjoyed some of her other books.


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