Bring Back Our Girls The Untold Story of the Global Search for Nigeria's Missing Schoolgirls by Joe Parkinson; Drew Hinshaw Harper


They were happy, clever high school girls busy studying hard until one fateful night when the terrorists of Boko Haram invaded their school and kidnapped them, taking them into a harrowing world of constant intimidation and danger. The campaign to save them started with one tweet and grew into a huge social media campaign. The Americans led failed incursions to save the girls; the Nigerian government began to use their own military forces; and, surprisingly, negotiators trained by the Swiss had dealings with Boko Haram.

This is really the harrowing story of the girls, though, and many are still not saved. Fantastically brave in the midst of horror, some of them even kept diaries in great secrecy. Some were persuaded to marry their captors under huge pressure, but others, like Naomi never gave in. 

112 remain missing, and there are reports of deaths from disease and snakebites. At least 2 teenagers died in childbirth. Unfortunately, the story of the girls has been largely forgotten, although brave campaigners still try to lobby on their behalf.

Everyone should read this tragic and extremely well-researched story, which tells about the dire situation in Nigeria as well


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