The Secret Agent by Elisabeth Hobbes

 Sylvie wants to get away from her troubled past and serve her country, so when the opportunity to work for SOE arises, she jumps at it. Sent to Nantes, she works as a dancer, and enters the murky world of espionage and sabotage as the German occupation extends its steel-like grip on the country. She finds it exciting as well but she isn't sure who she can trust. Will her attraction to handsome Felix and the attentions of the German Nazi Dieter ruin her service? It is a difficult and twisty road for the very young and somewhat naive English girl to navigate.

I found this hard to put down although I didn't like Sylvie at first and almost gave it up, although I thought that Elizabeth Hobbes captured the atmosphere of the war, and it was well-written. Sylvie struck me as very hard at first, but I gave the book another try, and she became nicer later. (Unfortunately, it would have been easier for her if she'd remained hard!) The love story was moving, with an empathetic hero.

This is a must-read for any lover of wartime romances.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley  in return for an honest review.



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