The Pioneering Life of Mary Wortley Montagu Scientist and Feminist

 I found this a bit too detailed and dry at times, but Mary was a fascinating figure whose achievements have been under-rated. She was open-minded about Turkey, an early feminist, and even lived in Europe on her own, as well as being a writer and mixing with other writers and intellectuals. Her main contribution to society was her introduction of inoculation against smallpox, a Turkish practice which she helped to start in England. She probably even told the Royal family about this. She  faced heavy criticism about it from backward-looking doctors, as she knew she would.

Mary had rather a difficult life. Her husband was a 'cold fish' and she fell in love with a young man who she followed to Europe, but he wasn't keen. She managed to remain friends with him, however. She also had problems with her children, especially her son. This book finally does her justice.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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