Am I Loved? The Most Asked Question Of All Time by John Bieber Umbria Press Health, Mind & Body | Nonfiction (Adult) | Religion & Spirituality

 Welcome to my review of Am I Loved? The Most Asked Question Of All Time by John Bieber for the Blog Tour of the book.

John Bieber presents a new type of self-help book here, based on a deep philosophical question. He shows you how to ask whether you are loved, instead of whether you are just surviving, and why you should ask it. As he writes, it is easier for children who feel that they are loved by their parents and siblings to know how to be loving and well-adjusted. Others will have a harder time, but this book based on nature's morality will help.

He tells readers how to look for the Speechless Real, which complicates our feelings, and tends to make us feel unloved. We need to find the Supreme Sense behind all things which helps us to understand how to live and answer this question. It is through understanding our emotions that we can search for happiness and fulfilment. 

I found this interesting and helpful to some extent, but a bit complicated and obscure at times. It is a 'slow burn'. The best part of it was his advice that if you want to be loved, you need to be loving, and if you want to have good friends, you need to be a good friend.

I received this free ebook from LiterallyPR in return for an honest review.


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