Royal Navy Versus the Slave Traders Enforcing Abolition at Sea 1808-1898 by Bernard Edwards

 There has been much concentration on the history of slave-trading, and who was involved in it recently. However, Bernard Edwards concentrates on how the British Royal Navy actually fought the slave traders after slavery was outlawed. He writes that the Royal Navy committed many ships and over 40,000 men to hunting down slave-traders in Africa, and that they were the only ones with the will to end it. It was certainly a wearisome and long campaign, with very little help from any other country. This tale of the African Squadron is little-known, and deserves to be told. He is quite dogmatic about politics, which might make the book controversial these days.

Edwards doesn't deny any horrors of the slave trade, and indeed goes into them in detail. To his credit, he also delves into the horrendous modern slave-trade. This could make the book difficult to read for some.

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