The English Girl by Sarah Mitchell

This is a powerful story of love, forgiveness and freedom. I guarantee that you will have trouble putting it down, and that the moving ending makes you cry! It's also a story which resonates in hard times such as these.

When Tiffany arrives in West Berlin in 1989, the excitement of the Berlin Wall falling down sweeps her away, but she is not there for that reason. She wants to find out the truth about a family secret, a truth which takes her into still dangerous East Berlin.

This tale mostly concerns Fran and Viv, however, with their star-crossed loves. Even though World War II is over, Britain still has German prisoners, and Fran decides to work at the local prisoner-of-war camp. Here she finds herself attracted to handsome, blue-eyed Thomas, a clever prisoner who speaks English, but her sister hates Germans because Fran's brother died in the war. It is against the law to fraternise with Germans, and feelings against them remain strong in the village. Can Fran follow her heart?

Married to the Army officer who runs the camp, Viv has a secret love affair on the side. Her husband Toby has been acting strangely, and Viv fears that he is dangerous. She wants to join her lover in America, but can she go?

This beautifully-written anguished story set in stunning Norfolk is a wonderful novel.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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