The Butterfly Garden by Sophie Anderson Bookouture

 This is a moving and beautifully written story, but I did find it quite depressing, although uplifting as well.

Erin, wounded by an affair with a married man, goes home from London to her parents in theirquiet village in Cornwall. Everyone knows about the affair. Desperate to get a job (and get out of the house) she gets a job with Maggie, a strange hermit-like figure. Here she starts typing out Maggie's novel, and delves into her life. Why has she got pictures of butterflies on the walls? Who is her novel about? Erin finds out that Maggie is dying, and she must help her fix up her life before it is too late..

Erin also discovers that she has a huge family secret of her own to deal with. Her coming-of-age takes her from Cornwall to exotic Costa Rica. Will Erin finally get the courage to be true to herself?

I look forward to Sophie Anderson's next novel.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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