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Monday, August 13, 2012

Barbara Stanwyk by Dan Callaghan

I found Barbara Stanwyk long-winded and rather dull so I didn't finish it.  Dan Callaghan does write that this book is a study of the famous actress's films - it isn't meant to be a gossipy account of her personal life.  I would have preferred an account of her personal life, I'm afraid.

Callaghan analyses every film of Stanwyk's in great detail.  This is useful if you are an avid fan or you need an academic analysis.  However, I found it irritating.  I read this book on the Kindle which missed out the actual names of the movies for some reason.  This didn't help!

Callaghan's writing also tends to be slangy and chatty at times.  I didn't think that this suited the subject matter. This stylish and imperious actress deserves better.

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