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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Your 5-Minute Personal Coach by Valorie Burton

Your 5-Minute Personal Coach is a great book to carry with you and dip into when you need it.  Set out mostly in question and answer format, this book is designed to help people develop resilience, improve difficult relationships, improve your career, and much more.  This is an extremely comprehensive book which covers more than most self-help tomes.  For example, I haven't noticed a section about 'goal fatigue' in other self-help books.

Valorie Burton is a Christian psychologist so her book is mostly for religious people.  It has sections on developing your mission and finding out what God is trying to tell you.  People who are not Christians might not like this.

Unfortunately,  Your 5-Minute Personal Coach made me feel quite tired because I read it all at once.  I certainly wouldn't advise this! The question and answer format is wearisome unless you look up what you need at the time.

Now that I've read the whole book, I will look at certain sections again when I feel that I need them.  The problem with self-help books, of course, is that they're useless unless you actually APPLY the information and that is hard work! Valorie Burton gives excellent tips in this book so I do highly recommend it. I will also have a good look at her wonderful website and her other books.

1 comment:

SoulFoodie RD said...

I think I'll get this book after reading your review. I'm thinking it might be just what I need. You're right, the DOING is the hard part. But I promise I wont read it in one sitting and wear myself out. LOL!