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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Lucretia and the Kroons by Victor LaValle

Some children get used to death too soon.  You can see it in their eyes.  Lucretia, the heroine of Lucretia and the Kroons, is one of these children.

Lucretia has to cope with a lot in this horror novella.  She has a friend called Sunny who is dying of cancer, a difficult mother and brother, and some nasty enemies.  Soon her nightmare starts. The Kroons, nasty grotesque drug addicts from the eighties, start attacking her and she has to run for her life.  Then she has to get away from flying rats and swim in a void. 

I found it all quite scary and Loochie was a sympathetic heroine.  Sunny was also likeable.  The Kroons were especially frightening.  The writing was a little bit contrived at times.  However, this was a vivid and dramatic story with lots of action.

I wasn't sure why I was pre-approved by Net Galley to read this book.  Horror and dystopian stories are not my scene.  They are all the rage so it is interesting to read the occasional one, I suppose.

Here is an interview with Victor LaValle on narrative voice.

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