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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Art of Procrastination by John Perry

I never got one badge when I was a Girl Guide.  This certainly wasn't because I couldn't achieve it - I just kept putting off getting a badge!  I still hate to admit this but The Art of Procrastination made me feel somewhat better.  After all, there were more important things to do at the time.  (I can't remember but I hope that there were).  (If you are a Girl Guide, please get some badges!).

This extremely amusing and gentle book helps procrastinators practice 'structured procrastination', i.e. doing other tasks while procrastinating and completing tasks in their real order of priority.  Perry tells readers how to to use to-do lists, alarm clocks and set time limits to help them stop delaying tasks.  He has lots of useful tips. My favourite is his suggestion that if a task is delayed for long enough, it might go away.  The problem is then solved!

Perry also lists some other resources at the end of the book.  One of these is the Procrastinator's Digest by Psychyl.  He apparently wants people to put sticky notes on their refrigerators to remind them about important tasks and why they have this problem.  One of these is: "My personality provides both risk for and resilience against self-regulation failure."  ???

If you love to put things off until tomorrow, this is the book for you!

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