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Monday, August 27, 2012

What to Wear by Michelle Madhok with Eileen Conlan

Would you like to transform your wardrobe and improve your style?  Do you have trouble deciding what to wear in the morning and what to wear for special occasions?  Don’t worry any more! This great book will help to solve all of your clothes problems.

Wear This Now will have you organizing your clothes closet in no time flat!  You will soon know what to keep and what to give away or throw out.  There are also suggestions for selling clothes on eBay. The authors even include tips on which accessories to keep.  I especially liked the suggestion that you should turn the hangers of clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time around.  This will help you immediately see the outdated clothes or the ones which you don’t like.

Wear This Now also has a large section on how to choose clothes for each season.  The authors concentrate on selecting winter outfits.  This didn’t suit me because I unfortunately live in an extremely hot climate.  (I’d much rather live in a cold one).  However, I found their advice about choosing wardrobes for spring and summer spot-on.

Michelle Madhok and Conlan include everything in this book.  They have advice for what to wear to help your career and several different types of special occasions, such as weddings.  They suggest what to wear on planes and the right clothes for trips to different continents, such as Europe.  They even include tips on what to wear in hospital!

This comprehensive guide is wonderfully useful for all women who are interested in organizing their wardrobes quickly and want to know what to wear for different types of occasions.  I was lucky enough to read a galley from Net Galley but I will certainly buy my own copy.

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