Further Afield by Terence Jenkins

I enjoyed these vignettes about British history immensely.  Jenkins covers all sorts of fascinating subjects, such as courageous people, yew trees, brave animals during wartime and amber.  He tells the stories of Lady Anne Clifford and John Evelyn, who was a bit of a 'greenie', for example.

I especially liked the short history of amber and the sad tale of pigeons, dogs and other animals who helped mankind during the war.  These animals included a pigeon who sent the first information about the Normandy landings in the Second World War, and a guide-dog who saved his owner's life when the planes hit the towers in New York by leading him to safety from the 78th floor. All of the stories in the book were interesting, however, and the book includes lots of photographs.

Jenkins certainly made me want to visit all of the places that he mentions!


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