Nell Hill's Rooms We Love by Mary Carol Garrity

This beautiful book would look good on any coffee table, but it is not just decorative.  Anyone interested in furnishing and decorating their homes will find this book inspirational and full of useful insights and tips.  The rooms in this book are elegant, beautiful and functional and show how people can apply Mary Carol Garrity's principles of decorating, which include finding an unexpected delight in each room and bringing the outside inside.

Nell Hill's Rooms We Love shows how clever decorators use splashes of bright color, make their bedrooms into calm sanctuaries and hide ugly things such as cables in attractive ways.  I especially liked the tips about pillows and using trays to feature collections of books or silver and the suggestions for bathrooms.

I am thinking of buying this for my birthday, although I'll probably just look at the pictures and not apply it! If only we had this store in Australia!


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