Taking a Stand. My Life in the Law by Alan Dershowitz

This is a  interesting mixture of tales from Dershowitz's private life, complex arguments about law and anecdotes about his cases, including celebrity cases.  I enjoyed this book, but I didn't read some of it, because I felt that I just don't have time to concentrate properly at the moment.

I especially liked Dershowitz's arguments about freedom of speech.  He describes clearly and comprehensively how important this principle is, and how easily it can be eroded.  It is more important than ever now, and, strangely, people from the conservative side of politics are more likely to defend it.

The celebrity cases were also fascinating.  This book may give you a new perspective on Edward Kennedy. Dershowitz also discusses the Woody Allen and Mia Farrow case and some of his more important murder cases.

Anyone interested in law will enjoy this book.  It should also inspire law students.


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