J.F.K. Conservative by Ira Stoll

I love to read about the Kennedys, but many of the books about them are dull.  This isn't, and I highly recommend it.

Stoll argues persuasively and succinctly that many liberals have the wrong ideas about Kennedy.  This deeply religious Catholic President believed that individual rights come from God, and he went out of his way to practise his religion and to quote from the Bible.  He stressed the importance of America's Christian heritage constantly in his speeches.

Kennedy was also conservative in many other ways.  He increased military spending, entered the space race because of the importance of beating the Russians, and he regarded fighting the evils of Communism as one of the keystones of his Presidency.  He hated Castro and he regarded Kruschev as a 'gangster' and he realised that freedom requires constant vigilance.

He was also a fiscal conservative.  He wanted a sound dollar, low inflation, a growing economy and low government spending.  He introduced tax cuts in order to grow the economy.  He cared about the unemployed, the sick and the disabled, as well, but he realised that a growing economy was good for everyone.

Anyone interested in John F. Kennedy should read this book!


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