Upstairs at the White House by J.B. West and Mary Lynn Kotz

J. B. West served as Deputy Usher and Chief Usher under several presidents and organised countless functions and renovations.  He relates many amusing and entertaining anecdotes, such as the First Lady walking in on the Norwegian princess's gentleman-in-waiting when he was undressed and the problem of Molotov having a gun in his suitcase.  He also gives an insight into the characters of the First Ladies and their relationships with their husbands.  For example, he tells his readers about Mamie Eisenhower's imperious nature, generosity to her servants, love of the seasons and her great love for her husband.  She even lived with her husband in the hospital when he was sick.

This is light, easy to read, and an enjoyable book. I recommend it for lovers of American history.


Unknown said…
This photo of Jackie and President Kennedy is ageless..
it could have been taken last night..
They were unforgettable that is for sure.
Joyce Small

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