The League of Delphi by Chris Everheart

(Theatre at Delphi by Leonid Svetkov at Wikipedia)

When Zach returns to his small town in America from France, he discovers a series of questions.  Why does no one care when Sutton commits suicide?  Can he trust Ashley or should he trust her beautiful sister Kate? Why is the town's college so heavily fortified, and why is the library like a fortress?  Why is the town run by a Committee?

When he starts to dig deeper and discover the answers to these questions, it leads him to a dangerous conspiracy that goes right back to ancient Greece.  He must find out who his real friends are, and escape from his enemies. He must endure fearful chases through tunnels and dark streets, but the rewards are great, because he will finally learn the truth about his parents.

I enjoyed this exciting novel by Chris Everheart, and I cheered Zach and Ashley on as they try to find out the truth about the horrors that are happening in their small town.  This will keep you awake late into the night!


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