7 Secrets of Happiness. A Reluctant Optimist's Journey by Gyles Brandreth

  Gyles Brandreth argues that this is the only book on happiness that you will ever need, and I think that he's probably right! This is a great book, and I am certainly going to buy it and have another look at the seven secrets when I feel depressed.  This book has been criticised as being simplistic and full of platitudes. However, they may seem simple, but I can assure you that they're difficult to apply!

He includes lots of interesting anecdotes and tips from royals and celebrities.  I am going to find Prince Phillip's tip especially useful, because of my tendency to be self-absorbed.  He said that: "No one's interested in you!" Queen Margrethe's advice about concentrating entirely on the moment is also helpful.

I do wish that 7 Secrets was longer, because I was just so impressed by the quality of Brandreth's writing.  I want to read his books about royalty and politics now!


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