Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones by Scott Hahn

Meet St Augustine who turned to heresy, took a mistress and made her pregnant and rebelled for years before becoming a true Christian.  Meet St Thomas Aquinas who developed the theory of natural law, and St Jerome who also led an interesting life.  These are just some of the saints whose stories are told in this deeply spiritual and helpful book.  One of the most important people who you will meet is the Lady Mary, Jesus's mother, who is the mother of us all.

Scott Hahn shows us what 'the communion of saints' really means, and how we can be inspired by the saints and angels and ask them to help us in our prayers.  I did find the beginning of this book a bit dull, but I will definitely buy it and read it when I need inspiration and strength.  (Unfortunately, that is pretty often!)


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