Clearing Clutter. Physical, Mental and Spiritual by Alexandra Chauran

This book probably won't help inveterate hoarders, but it is filled with excellent advice for those who have some hope of getting rid of 'stuff'.  Chauran's advice mainly fits the old Italian saying that you should only keep things that are either beautiful or useful.  She suggests that you only keep things that bring you joy every time you look at them.

Clearing Clutter contains lots of tips to help people overcome compulsive shopping, such as not going grocery shopping when you're hungry and stick to a list.  She also advises against retail therapy, and suggests that readers ask to be given experiences as gifts instead of things.  For example, tickets to a concert might be a better present than another book.  She also suggests that you should immediately decide whether to return, regift, donate or keep presents.

Chauran does get a bit 'New Agey' at times - she is a practising psychic!  For example, she likes Feng Shui, and she suggests purifying floor washes and spiritual ways of clearing clutter.  These are probably worth a try, however.

The section on mental clutter includes advice about meditation, retreats, and other ways of clearing thoughts.  It's well-worth reading.

This book is highly recommended for reader struggling with clutter.  The hard thing is applying it!

Clearing Clutter
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