Permanent Equilibrium? meQuillibrium by Jan Bruce

Amost everyone wants to find permanent equilibrium.  I doubt that this book really provides that, but I found it helpful.  It's better than most self-help books, because it does cover almost everything, including how to create a sustainable centre of calm, how to make better choices, and suggestions for how to have a good sleep.  I didn't agree with one suggestion - don't read in bed! It might work, but I think that I'd rather read in bed than improve my sleep, anyway!

The chapters that contain unusual advice are the ones on identifying 'iceberg' beliefs that cause big emotional outbursts and how finding the meaning behind tasks makes you feel better about them.  For example, paying the bills helps keep your family secure.

This is worth buying and keeping, because I can practically guarantee that most readers will want more than 14 days to practise these helpful stress-relieving skills!


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