Refilling Your Inkwell by Kellie Sheridan

This is the perfect book for writers with 'writer's block'! Kellie Sheridan suggests all sorts of ways for writers to jumpstart their writing, such as keeping a writing journal, writing in 200-word sprints, and writing for five minutes. She also gives helpful tips for finding ways to do this with other writers, for example, joining writing sprints on Twitter or joining National Writing Month. Sharing writing experiences on a blog is another idea.

Sheridan also includes sections on setting specific goals, finding different ways to put the joy back into writing, joining writer's communities, and writing apps.  It's a great book to read for writers who haven't written for a long time, or for  those who are having difficulty completing a novel or a non-fiction book.

I probably found the information about apps and websites the most useful part.  I will definitely be trying Todoist and Asana.

I will certainly be buying this book!

Kellie Sheridan has an excellent series on 'building a book'.  Here is the first clip:


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