Talent for Humanity Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage to Inspire You on Your Journey Patrick Gaffney Smith

These fascinating stories show that suffering and hardship can develop into passion and a desire to change the world. Most of the people featured in this book knew times of darkness and despair but they didn't become bitter.  Instead, they decided to grow from their experiences and use them to help others.  Patrick Gaffney's organization, Talent for Humanity, gave them Human Spirit Awards because they embody positive human values and inspire others.

The people in this book include Reza, a famous photojournalist who has founded many humanitarian projects across the world, Deeyah Khan, an award-winning documentary maker, and Sherry and Bob Jason, two attorneys who brought the arts to poor school children in Los Angeles. They explain why they decided to start their organizations and how they began them.  At the end of each chapter there are letters from these people to the readers.

This is well-worth reading, especially if you are interested in starting even a small humanitarian project of your own.


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