The Way Home. Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed by Sonia Choquette

Scheihoffer, Stefan. Jacobsweb, Pixabay

After Sonia Choquette's experienced the trauma of her father's and her brother's deaths within a short time, she decided to walk the Camino. Some people told the fashion and luxury-loving Choquette's that she was crazy, but she knew instinctively that something good would come out of her pilgrimage.

She had read that the Camino provides a gift each day to those who pay attention, and pay attention she did. She endured terrible pain, pouring rain and gusts of wind, and rude people in bare hostels. Even that wasn't as bad as the struggle with her 'demons,' including her anger with her father and brother, and her volatile marriage. But she also encountered warm and kind people, saw stunning scenery, and great spirituality. Her cute talisman helped her along the way.

I loved this book, and I could read it again and again! It's a bit 'New Agey' for some at times, but I cheered when Sonia Choquette overcame her pain on good days, and felt for her when she was exhausted or unhappy. This is highly recommended! I will certainly buy the paperback.

Choquette, Sonia, Walking Home.
Hay House
Kindle $9.58

NB: I received this free ebook from Net Galley in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own.


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