Anya Seton : A Writing Life Lucinda H. MacKethan

 I read all of Anya Seton's novels when I was young, and I especially loved Katherine, so I was delighted to read this. It's an extremely well-researched and detailed book, which includes in-depth analyses of all of her novels, It is also quite disillusioning, unfortunately - she didn't have the happiest of lives, to say the least. It was a very full life, though.

Fiercely competitive Anya felt that she had to live up to her formidable and successful parents which put her under a lot of pressure. She also struggled with two unhappy marriages, condescension of her writing and various illnesses and addictions. She had several children as well, so she was extremely busy, although she had servants to help. How she coped with all this is quite amazing.

I found this a bit dry at times, but it is a must-read for the many fans of Anya Seton.

I received this free ebook from Edelweiss in return for an honest review.


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