Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey

This enchanting novel by Ella Carey took me straight back to Rue Blanche in Paris. Reading it is the next best thing to going there!

The story begins when Cat is feeling a bit pushed about by her rich and handsome boyfriend Christian. Although she appears to have everything, Cat feels that she doesn't fit in with his snobbish moneyed friends. She comes from the 'wrong' sort of background, loves her small apartment in Brooklyn filled with vintage items and likes to wear vintage clothes but Christian finds it all hard to understand.

Suddenly, she is told that she has an inheritance in Paris, and understandably rushes there to see it. Cat discovers that the owner of the apartment on Rue Blanche, Marthe de Florian was a courtesan, and friendly with her grandmother. She didn't leave it to her own family, and Cat wonders why. When she meets Loic, Marthe's grandson, they set out to discover the history of the inheritance together. This leads her to an evocative tale of wartime adventure and sorrow. But how will she deal with her growing attraction to the charming Loic?

I found the plot of this story rather far-fetched, but Marthe really did exist, and her apartment was found untouched seventy years after she died. Cat and Loic are lovely characters, and the novel is riveting and hard to put down. I was sorry to finish it!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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