Let Go of Anger and Stress! Be Transformed by the Fruits of the Spirit by Gary Zimak

 Gary Zimak was always a practising Catholic but he remained a nominal Catholic for a long time. After he had a long ordeal with his addiction to alcohol, shopping and self-indulgence, however, and the possibility of cancer, he found the Charismatic movement, and he was baptised in the Holy Spirit. This brought him peace, and he found the blessing of a personal relationship with God.

I am not all that keen on joining a Charismatic movement, but this book is useful for any Christian finding it difficult to cope with anger, stress and anxiety. Zimak describes each fruit of the Holy Spirit and provides useful suggestions on how to increase them. For example, one of them is goodness. He tells his readers to 'practice goodness' by 'posting only positive comments on social media', 'avoiding gossip' and various other ways. He also provides useful summaries at the end of each chapter.

I found this book very useful, and I will look at it often.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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