Anne Boleyn by Marie Louise Bruce

 This read like a novel, and was written in a rather flowery, entertaining style, which I liked. It certainly wasn't dry, like many historical biographies are today! I disagree with the reviewers who think that there are better books about Anne available today. Some of Marie Louise Bruce's research may be outdated, but the book was well-researched in its time.

This was a sympathetic account of Anne, which captures the atmosphere of the Tudor period brilliantly with its vivid descriptions. It is not sycophantic, however - Marie Louise Bruce studies Anne's flaws, and whether she could have played any part in certain suspicious murders, and her nastiness towards her step-daughter, Princess Mary. I found the parts about Anne's interest in the 'New Religion', and Tyndale's influence on her extremely interesting.

I am also watching "The Tudors" again, and I can see that the writers used this book quite heavily in their story-lines! Marie-Louise Bruce's biographies are so interesting that I want to read them all.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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