The Italian Girl's Secret by Natalie Meg Evans

A knock on the door disturbs Carmela's quiet life with her Grandmother in their village near Naples. The war has literally arrived on her doorstep. Does she have the courage to join in the war effort...?

Carmela hides a dark and bitter secret, and she is in danger from her Fascist cousins. Her half-brother requests her to hide an injured man, but who is he and what are his secrets? Carmela's agreement to hide him takes her on a gripping journey which requires all the bravery that she can muster, but does she also have the strength of character to welcome love?

This book grips from the very first moment. Every time I stopped reading, I wondered how Carmela was getting on, and what she was doing in her race to help defeat the Nazis, and whether she would fall in love! I was so sorry to finish it.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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