Murder Most Fair by Anna Lee Huber

 When her German Great-Aunt Ilse stays in Verity's Yorkshire village, tensions run high. Verity dearly loves her but she worries about how she and her pretty German maid are regarded by the villagers, still recovering from the First World War. Great-Aunt Ilse helped Verity by sheltering a German deserter who was anxious to help the Allies but there was apparently a second deserter. When a mystery man shows up at the village, suspicions are raised. Soon Verity and her handsome husband Sydney need to investigate.

Verity also has to cope with her fairly dysfunctional family and finally come to terms with the death of her beloved brother Rob. Her mother makes biting comments; her brother Tim flirts with the maid; and her sister Grace clings to a man who doesn't appear to return her feelings. Her other brother is more mature, but even he seems to be having problems with his marriage.

A clever plot, moving story, beautiful descriptions of the Yorkshire countryside and well-drawn sympathetic characters make this a highly enjoyable novel. I found Verity's struggles to deal with her grief for her brother, and her efforts to cope with her family quite poignant. Unfortunately, I have only read the last two books of this series by Anna Lee Huber, and I am dying to go back to the beginning of Verity's Secret Service career, and to read about her love affair with Sydney. The only problem was that a few words and expressions struck me as a bit American.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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