Over My Dead Body by Jeffrey Archer

 This is the fourth one in the series and the only previous one that I've read is the first one. I need to catch up!

Young William Warwick is now Detective Chief Inspector in charge of an excellent team. However, he has a lot on his plate in a wild chase to catch the intrepid art forger and collector Miles Faulkner, who has escaped from jail, and was pronounced dead. The chase takes him from London to Barcelona and Switzerland. He also has to decide where Miles's beautiful wife's loyalties lie, because she is friendly with his wife Beth, now the mother of twins.

Mile's mendacious lawyer tracks down their footsteps, often warning him about the movements of the police, and he also helps other nasty criminals. Meanwhile, there is a wife murderer on the loose. Can his new wife be warned?

This is an entertaining romp through the glamorous underworld of art forgers, with some side-stories. William is an extremely likeable character, as is his wife Beth. There were a minor flaws in the research, I thought, but not enough to detract from a highly enjoyable story. I am dying to read the other two!

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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