A Delightful Story in an Exotic Setting. This Northern Sky by Julia Green

An image of the machair in the Hebrides of Scotland

Luminous writing, sympathetic characters and an exotic setting distinguish this haunting story by Julia Green.  Although it's a children's book and I am well over 30, I loved it, and I'm certainly interested in reading more books by this author.

The heroine, Kate, is upset when her parents take her to the isolated Hebrides for a holiday.  Headed for an emotional divorce, they want to attempt a reconciliation.  A distraught Kate hears them arguing, and notices her father ringing another woman.

She also longs for her ex-boyfriend, Sam.  Green cleverly keeps the reader guessing about the reasons for their breakup until well into the novel..

Her friendship with Finn, the handsome boy of the Manse, and his friends brightens her days and takes her mind off her troubles.  They collect cockles, have a party on another island and go swimming in the cold waters. 

Kate also learns to love the beautiful scenery of the Hebrides, and the whims of nature that affect it so severely.  She wanders through the flowers of the machair, watches the sea-birds and glories in the stunning Northern Lights. She even likes the solitude and the isolation

Her holiday in the Hebrides helps Kate to grow up, and come to terms with the reality of her life.

Most teenage girls and women will enjoy this lovely coming-of-age novel by Julia Green.



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