The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman

This lovely story by Lori Nelson Spielman is about the importance of realising your dreams and being true to yourself.

When Brett's mother dies, she expects to become the CEO of the family cosmetics company.  She discovers that her mother has other plans, and wants her to fulfill the life list Brett made when she was a teenager before she claims her inheritance!  Not only has Brett got to deal with her grief, but she has to face a lot of other obstacles, including attempting to be a stand-up comic and teaching troubled children.  She certainly has a lot to endure!

Brett's troubles cost her her boyfriend, the cold Andrew, but what will happen with the attraction that she feels for her lawyer?  Did her mother have a secret plan?

I loved this book, although I found it a bit too politically correct and miserable at times.  Highly recommended!


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