A Journey Through Tudor England by Suzannah Lipscomb

Hever Castle

This is the perfect companion for Tudor history-lovers when they visit England!  Suzannah Lipscomb tells the stories of characters, such as Henry VIII and his spoiled childhood and Lady Jane Grey, the tragic 'Nine Day Queen'.  She also provides tours of historic buildings, such as Westminster Abbey and Richmond Palace, so that the reader can see the details of the Tudor history in the architecture.  I also want to visit the National Portrait Gallery again with this book.

Lipscomb also studies many buildings that I haven't visited, including Charterhouse in London and Hever Castle, the haunt of the alluring Anne Boleyn.

 I received this book free from Net Galley, but I'll certainly buy it, so that I can tour these buildings with my beloved Tudors!

336 pages
$17.96 at Amazon

Suzannah Lipscomb Talks About Our Tudor Mania


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