Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole

 I was utterly charmed by this wonderfully romantic novel by
Jessica Brockmole.  Set in the beautiful Scottish island of Skye, it involves a young poet who falls in love with a younger American fan who writes her letters.  Unfortunately, she is married, and their love causes a scandal.  Many years later, her daughter also falls in love during wartime, and decides to attempt to find the truth of her mother's love story.

Epistolary novels are difficult to write, and they're often boring, but these letters range from light-hearted banter to wonderfully romantic.  Some of them describe the horrors of war.  Both love stories in this lovely novel are beautifully developed, and I was sorry to finish it.  I also liked the mystery of the first love story.

Skye is like another character in this novel.  Letters from Skye evokes the atmosphere of Skye with its descriptions of the sea-swept cliffs, thatch-covered crofts, stern Scottish characters and Scottish and Gaelic words.

I look forward to the next novel by this author.

I couldn't resist including a video of the 'Skye Boat Song'!


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