And There Was Light The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II

This wonderful book by Jacques Lusseyran is an affirmation of life and a stirring story of how people can live with hope and courage in the most extreme circumstances. Lusseyran became blind at a young age but he never let this deter him in any way. His parents gave him a happy childhood filled with love and ensured that he wasn't treated differently in any way.

When he was still very young and completing a rigorous course of study, he found himself forced to live in an occupied country. He decided to set up a Resistance group that eventually involved several hundred people. Their main work was the establishment of an underground newspaper - this eventually became Paris-Soir. He describes how his 'sixth sense' helped him choose who would join the group, his helpful friends, and how his teacher inspired him.

The last part of the book is somewhat harrowing - he was sent to Buchenwald. However, Lusseyran's strong faith and belief in life helped him overcome every obstacle.

This lyrically written book is one that you could never forget.


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