The Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys by Linda Maria Frank

I couldn't resist a title like this, and I was right! This exciting YA novel by Linda Maria Frank has a savvy heroine, a handsome and likeable hero, and it involves a mystery story set in the exotic Turkish location of Cappadocia which is filled with strange rock formations and caves.  There are also two helpful children willing to play detectives.

Annie, a young archeology student, goes with her boyfriend Ty to assist on a dig.  As soon as she arrives, there's trouble.  Who is stealing artifacts and why is someone threatening her?  Who is causing dangerous accidents at the site?  Is it anything to do with a rather nasty Russian member of staff?  Annie and Ty will have to tread carefully as they try to solve these mysteries.

The location was almost like a character in this book.  Linda Maria Frank's writing excels when she describes the desert setting and the 'fairy chimneys' of the title. I must read the other books in the series!


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