Irresistible Enemy by Mary Costello

You can almost feel the green grass under your feet and breathe the fresh country air when you read this captivating romance about a wildlife lover and a smooth developer.  This is my favourite Penguin Destiny romance so far!

Cassie, the adorable heroine, sells beautiful Polish pottery and runs a wildlife sanctuary, but she finds life a struggle because she lacks money.  She also has trouble getting over being jilted at the altar.  However, she becomes attracted to a handsome and rather swish man after a chance meeting.  She is horrified to learn that Hart Huntingdon is in charge of a new development that will make her pleasant country village into a suburban corridor of Melbourne. How can she overcome her fascination with this man who is out to ruin her way of life?

The characters are well-rounded in this book and the love story is surprisingly moving.  I thought that Hart was a silly name for a hero, but I think that the author had her reasons for it.  I was sorry to finish Irresistible Enemy.


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