Falling into Place by Hattie Kauffman

Hattie Kauffman has just won a well-deserved award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for best new author for this inspiring and interesting book.  It is a tale of overcoming great adversity to become the first Native American to file a report on a national news network.  Falling into Place also describes her journey towards becoming a Christian.

Kauffman combines the stories of a traumatic divorce and a deprived childhood masterfully in the book.  She had an even worse time than Misty Copeland.  Kauffman was forced to endure poverty, drunken parents and lack of education.  Luckily, she had some good times along the way - the children loved going to their grandparent's country camp, and Kauffman was also helped by her beloved Aunt Teddy, a Christian missionary.

Her grandparents and her aunt introduced her to Christianity, but she never really turned to it until the divorce led her to question her beliefs and her inner strength.  I especially liked this part of the book, because the story of her childhood is extremely harrowing.

This is highly-recommended, and it may be very helpful if you're going through difficult times.

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