These Mortals by Margaret Irwin

(This picture is from VintagePrintages).

This was an enchanting, sweet and amusing story about the ethereal and mermaid-like Melusine, who leaves her father and travels to a royal court.  Melusine has to cope with a lot of rather nasty people here, such as a princess and a seducer.  Luckily, she has the help of a raven, a cat and a snake, and she has the ability to walk on moonbeams.  Her real troubles begin when she falls in love with the handsome man in the palace dungeon...

I found this difficult to read at times because the lengths of the sentences didn't vary much.  However, I am not used to reading fantasy.  However, I was pleased to get away from my problems for a while and escape to the splendid palace with Melusine. Historical novels were definitely Margaret Irwin's forte.  I recommend her trilogy about Princess Elizabeth.


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