City of Jasmine by Deanna Raybourn

(Midan, Damascus, 1929)
This is another fast-paced romp from the wonderful Deanna Raybourn filled with adventure, romance and excitement.  The story involves brave and sassy Evie, an aviator, who sets off on a journey to Syria when she discovers that her husband may still be alive. Here, she joins an archaeological dig, but nothing is as it seems. Evie has to escape the clutches of kidnappers, help her husband on his quest, and learn how to be a better judge of people.  But can she deal with her own heart? That will be the most difficult part of Evie's journey.

It was hard to put this book down, because I wanted to see how Evie would get out of her many incredible situations, and I was interested in the development of the romance. Cleverly written and engaging from beginning to end, this is well-worth reading if you like historical romances and adventures.  I especially enjoyed the historical detail about Raymond of Toulouse, ancient relics, and Syria.

An interview with Deanna Raybourn


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