The Playboy's Dark Secret by Madeline Ash

Rafi is tired of her strenuous life of ballet and her pushy mother. A struggling young mother herself, she escapes to a beautiful vineyard to pick grapes, taking her baby with her.  Here she meets Dean, a world-weary footballer, who came back to his farm because he was sick of his shallow world of money and women. Rafi is attracted to Dean in spite of his cynicism, but should she tell him about the baby? She also worries about the age difference.

I enjoyed this romance, but I found the staccato style of Madeline Ash a bit annoying at times. However, she wrote lyrically about the Australian landscape, and the main characters were likeable. It was easy to identify with their feelings.

The Playboy's Dark Secret by Madeline Ash.
Penguin Destiny Romance e-book  AUD 3.99


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