Ever Higher. How High Will You Climb by John C. Maxwell

A successful life and career all depends on a person's attitude, according to John C. Maxwell. In this inspiring and interesting book, he provides suggestions and lessons about how to cultivate the right attitude, how to keep spirits up when the going gets tough and the importance of faith and prayer.  This is a very religious book that reminded me of The Power of Positive Thinking, but I found it much more useful.

Maxwell provides plenty of examples of people who had the right attitude, including St Paul.  St Paul had a terrible background to overcome but he looked forward instead of back, and he even managed to be happy in prison! He wrote that he had taught himself to be content in any circumstances whether they were humble or prosperous. Maxwell also cites people such as Raleigh who wrote a book during his long time in prison and Beethoven who was almost totally deaf and 'burdened with sorrow when he produced his greatest works'.

This book also has advice about the usual setbacks that prevent people from reaching their potential or their goals.  These include the fear of failure, discouragement and giving up easily.  It's a great book to dip into when you encounter these problems.

I will buy a paperback soon, so that I can really study this book and learn from it.  It's one of the best self-help books that I've read!

This was a free e-book from BookLook Bloggers. My opinion of the book is entirely my own.


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