Why be Catholic. Ten Answers to a Very Important Question by Patrick Madrid

This is a convincing, interesting and well-written book that will inspire Catholics, gain converts and bring back some who have left the flock. Madrid compares the Catholic church to a hospital, and explains how God's grace conveyed by the Sacraments and living by the rules of the church heals the soul.  He also explains why Christ built his church on the Papacy, the Communion of Saints, and the Doctrine of Transubstantiation.

I still feel in-between Catholic and Anglican, so I found the Papal infallibility a bit difficult to deal with. However, I actually like the Catholic reverence for Mary - the usual problem for those who want to convert or convert.  I enjoyed his chapter on this.  I also especially liked his chapter on the saints and how many saints were great sinners.  He mentioned some saints who I certainly want to research, for example, Pelagia, who was once a promiscuous actress!

This is recommended for Catholics and anyone interested in becoming Catholic.


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