The Rosary The Prayer That Saved My Life Immaculee Ilibagiza, Steve Erwin

(Photo by Daniel Tibi, Wikimedia Commons)

Immaculee huddled in a tiny bathroom with several other women listening to the screams of the victims of the Rwandan genocide outside. Terrified, she prayed the Rosary and read the Bible.  Her fear enabled her to pray with a new depth, and she also thought about the Mysteries and actually imagined herself walking in Mary's footsteps as she cared for her son.  Immaculee credits the Rosary with saving her life, and even giving her the spiritual strength to forgive the murderers, even though almost every member of her immediate family was killed, and many of her friends were also slaughtered.  Forgiveness does bring freedom, and the Rosary helped her to find this true freedom.  (I have trouble forgiving small hurts!)

This is a harrowing book to read, but Immaculee's story of courage and faith in terrible times is certainly inspirational.  It helps readers to see minor worries in a new light!

Immaculee's enthusiasm about the "most beautiful and richest of all prayers to [Mary]" is contagious, and she explains the rather complicated system of prayers simply and clearly.  She tells how she learned the prayers and Mysteries, and she includes the new Luminious Mysteries.  As Immaculee writes, this isn't just a book for Catholics.  Any Christian can learn the Rosary, and many have been helped by these lovely prayers.

This is recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about the Rosary.


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